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World’s most expensive beauty products

Got $14 million pocket change? That’s just enough to buy you a lipstick and mascara. In light of Beautyworld this week, Kipp brings you the world’s most expensive beauty products.

May 23, 2011 5:06 by

  • At $650, the Kanebo Sensai Collection Premier, is the tamest on our list (We want to ease you into it of course). In fact, it’s the only that doesn’t make it to the 4-figure mark. Why is it so special? Well, this Kanebo product contains Koishimaru silk, which was once only reserved for exclusively use of the Japanese Royal Family. This main ingredient is said to promote cell-renewal while hydrating the skin.

    Costing about $464 per ounce, this moisturiser also comes with Japanese seaweed extract and beta-carotene. Sounds more like a quirky salad then a beauty product you pay top dollar for, Kipp thinks.

  • Let’s up the ante now and get into the 4-figure prices. Cle de Peau Beaute Synactif Intensive Cream can set you back a solid $1000, at about $739 per ounce.

    Key ingredients are Retinol ACE, MACC. In a nutshell, these acronyms are supposed to help “strengthen the functions of the lymphatic channels”. We’re no experts so we suppose this is the equivalent of getting a bottle of water from the Fountain of Youth.

  • If you’re more into metals, spend your $1,000 on Le Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum rare instead. At $588 per ounce, what do you think is the key ingredient? You guessed it: Platinum—dare Kipp say the most precious metal on earth.

    We’ve heard of gold in beauty products but platinum? Kipp is starting to imagine scenes of a mutated super heroine in the future.

  • For $3,000 Crème De Le Mer brings you the most expensive moisturiser in the world. The Essence comes in three magnetized tubes of “miracle broth”, kept in in plexiglass which is then in a jewellery-box-like case with foam-green lining.

    One purchase would bring you about three weeks use. Ingredients include extracts of seaweed and daffodil bulbs. Kipp is growing wrinkles just thinking about the amount of dosh needed to keep the biggest organ of our bodies taut and young-looking. Is it all worth it?

  • Yes! This nail polish has a six-figure price tag. At $130,000, the Gold Rush Couture by Models Own will make your nails “glitter like diamonds set in delicate gold leaf”, as review put it.

    But the look on your nails isn’t what has raised the price. It’s the packaging. The bottle features a hand-crafted gold lid inlaid with 1,118 diamonds. Don’t sweat if your just short of affording this posh polish. An inexpensive version is available from Models Own and Boots.

  • Now here’s the piece de resistance. The Socialite range of H Couture has a mascara and lipstick combo that costs a whopping $14 million.

    Before you go on about value for money, these specially formulated $589 mascara  and $150 lipstick are both encased in 18k gold with 2,500 blue diamonds and 1,300 pink diamonds.

    And when you run out of the stuff, a quick call to H.Couture's 24-hour hotline will see you replenished with a lifetime supply of the products. If you opt for the normal casing, then you’ll only get free refills for a year.


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