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Would you take a tour of McDonald’s kitchen for Kipp?

Would you take a tour of McDonald’s kitchen for Kipp?

It's a "fabrication" says McDonald's about a video showing one of its Saudi branches using a washing machine to wash lettuce. Are you up for visiting McDonald's kitchen for Kipp?

January 16, 2012 2:31 by

This Sunday, Kipp wrote an article that contained an open letter to the Pizza Hut UAE management from a Kipp reader who had a bad experience with one of the chain’s branches.

Using that letter as the starting point, we went into a discussion about the need for the fastfood industry in the Middle East to step up in terms of responding to customer complaints, as well as in delivering both good products/services and acceptable customer service.

In that same article, Kipp embedded a Youtube video that claims to show a Saudi branch of McDonald’s using a washing machine to wash its vegetables. Here’s the allegedly fabricated video:

While Kipp is yet to hear from Pizza Hut’s management about the open letter, McDonald’s has contacted Kippreport and issued a statement in response to the video. Here is the statement:

McDonald’s would like to point out that this video is a staged fabrication and in no way represents the manner in which lettuce is handled in our restaurants. McDonald’s KSA sources its lettuce from reputable KSA-based supplier Del Monte. The lettuce is washed, sanitized, and packed in the supplier’s purpose-built facility, then delivered to our restaurants daily in sealed, ready to use bags, and therefore requires no washing or drying in our kitchens whatsoever.

McDonald’s guarantees high standards in all its processes. Our food preparation procedures ensure the safety and quality of our products and guarantee our high standards are not compromised. We undergo regular monitoring by local authorities and enforce stringent food safety standards and regulations that are in line with their requirements.

McDonald’s prides itself on its transparency. With our Open Door Program, we open our doors and welcome you to tour our kitchen to take a close look at the quality standards of our products and procedures. This is an open invitation for those interested in learning more about our kitchen at any point in time.

To schedule a tour or for more information please visit:

Now while the video was supposedly shot in Saudi Arabia, Kipp jumped at the opportunity at checking out one of McDonald’s kitchens in the UAE and making a video of our own of just how a McDonald’s kitchen operates. But while the company was up for the visit, they’ve informed us that video and photography were not allowed inside the kitchen. At least not yet, they said.

We were not too pleased to hear this, to say the least. But Kipp still has to give McDonald’s some props for responding relatively quickly to the video and to our article mentioning it. Also commendable is their ongoing Open Door program—even though we’re still probably going to hold out a bit longer on a visit until we can bring our cameras into their kitchen.

But all is not lost. Our cogs started turning and we thought since the Open Door program is supposed to be open to the public, why not get a Kipp reader a chance to visit the kitchen and tell us all about it? So, if you are interested in visiting a McDonald’s kitchen, armed with even just a voice recorder, then contact us at [email protected], or on our Twitter @kipp_report or through the Kippreport Facebook page.

If you’re not interested in the tour but you have an experience with a fastfood chain or a restaurant that has left a bad taste in your mouth, send us your stories at the same address and contact details above. We’ll be sure to share it to the world and perhaps get some of these companies a chance to redeem themselves or clarify the situation. You hear that Pizza Hut? Huh? Are you listening?

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