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Yahoo stealing Google talent


Yahoo, in effort to find their third CEO this year has decided to go raid Google's fridge for the really good treats.

July 17, 2012 10:40 by

Although Yahoo was once considered to be an enormous multinational corporation, nowadays it is a rare occurrence that a flinch isn’t followed after the mention of their name. As jolly as it may be, they are now hiring their third CEO in one year in effort to recover from years of cutthroat competition, Internet turmoil and financial depression. Third time’s a charm?

After all, I wouldn’t want to be the one going up against giants like Google and Facebook who can take away all my advertising clients with the snap of a finger. It’s a dog eat dog world among the tech giants.

Funny we should mention Google, because that’s exactly where Yahoo’s next CEO is coming from. Yes, you heard. Yahoo Corporation’s next CEO (who is set to start on Tuesday) is a high executive from Google, who has been there since 1999; talk about twisting someone’s arm far enough!

Marissa Mayer was Google’s first female engineer, has led various businesses at Google including the design of its flagship search engine and was most recently responsible for its mapping, local and location services.

Mayer’s appointment tops up a domino fall this year at the company. In May, Scott Thompson resigned from his position as CEO after working less than 6 months. There was a controversy regarding dishonesty with his academic qualifications.

Thompson had replaced Carol Bartz, who was fired by telephone in September after failing to revitalize Yahoo.

Yahoo picked Mayer over an internal candidate, Ross Levinsohn, who had been widely considered to be the front-runner for the job after stepping in to fill a void created two months ago.

The main surprise that heated up a pot of curiousity was why Mayer would leave Google after spending years as a top and well respected executive to join a failing company as a CEO. Well we go back to the arm-twisting.

“I just saw a huge opportunity to have a global impact on users and really help the company in terms of managing its portfolio, attracting great talent and really inspiring and delighting people,” Mayer said during an interview.

I am sure that technology players wish Mayer the best of luck and hope that she completes an entire year at the very least.

(Photo Credit: James Martin/CNET)

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