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SMEs in UAE – Great Place to Work is coming to you

Great Place to Work For

It's no longer just the big boys getting all the glory...

April 10, 2013 7:07 by

It’s less about specific exercises and corporate events, he says, and more about the impact and effectiveness of their ‘people programs’. Programs offered by the majority of the ‘top companies’ really work to holistically support their employees in more ways than one. It’s not a labour-for-money deal. Great companies acknowledge that employees have lives and issues outside the office and do their best to support them as humans too. They really take the time to think about the impact their people programs have on them.

“Think about the employee life cycle; how the company recruits new employees, how they promote and develop talent within the organisation, how they share important information with their employees, how they listen to what’s on their minds and how the company cares for their employees,” he says.

The institute surveys every single employee to capture their perspective on how they feel about the company and its programs; how they’re delivered and the level of trust in the organisation. “We have a fixed set of 58 statements that we pose to employees – to either strongly agree or disagree with – as well as two open-ended questions at the end to capture their personal free thought,” he says.

To qualify for this assessment – which any organisation in the UAE with over 20 employees can still apply for before June 2013 – a company must really want to learn about its own culture.

Robert says they don’t approve of clients signing up for the sake of competing and appearing on a list. He says they’re very transparent about the fee – which is 15,000 dirhams for an SME – but that clients shouldn’t be looking at the price as a registration fee.

“Most of that goes towards giving them the data, reports and feedback. The whole point of going through it is to learn about your culture and compare yourself to your peers and that has value to it. It’s really about basic insights, reports, data and open-ended answers from your employees.”

When Kipp questioned whether the list might serve as a skewed representation of the market – given that it is a fee-based program and some companies wouldn’t opt for it – Robert reassured us by saying that it’s only about picking the best of the best. At times, 100 companies from a single industry may be assessed but only one of them (which happened two years ago) would make the list.

“The investment a company makes offers no guarantee that they’ll make that list, let me absolutely clear about that,” he says. “We do have companies from every single market so we feel comfortable that it’s a good representation.”

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