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Freelance work attractive to MENA residents?


Freelancers are considered, by 54.9% of respondents, to earn more than full-time professionals.

June 2, 2013 12:04 by

In a recent ‘State of the Freelance Market in the MENA region’ poll conducted by, a leading job site in the region, Kipp Report discovered that 75.2 per cent of respondents considered freelancing a good option, with perceived better pay and a better work-life balance than having a full-time job.

The main reason for most full-time employees taking on freelance work is so that they can earn more money, according to 63.9% of professionals polled, or to explore other career opportunities (14.7%).

Seven out of 10 (69.2%) respondents would consider working on an independent or freelance basis instead of being a full-time employee, with their main motive for doing so being to achieve a better work-life balance (30.5%). Other top reasons professionals would consider a freelance career are to be able to focus more on the things they love (23.5%); better pay (18.3%), and more control over their career path (11.8%).

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