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Ambitious—Egypt presidential hopeful says his war is against poverty

Ambitious—Egypt presidential hopeful says his war is against poverty

Want his mobile number? He’ll give it to you openly. Why? Because Presidential hopeful Hamdeen Sabahy hopes Egypt will see him as one of the ‘people’. Is it working?

August 2, 2011 1:48 by

independence in foreign policy including ending what he said was Egypt’s subservience to the US under Mubarak and says he will offer Egyptians the chance to review a peace treaty with Israel, negotiated at Camp David.

The deal, signed by President Anwar Sadat, who was assassinated by Islamists afterwards, was a cornerstone of Mubarak’s claim to be a regional peacemaker and led to billions of dollars of US military and other aid.

“The Egyptian people have a right to reevaluate Camp David, if they wish, through an elected parliament and a referendum,” Sabahy said, adding: “I was among those who did not approve of Camp David before.”

He said he wanted a review of a gas deal with Israel, which was agreed by Mubarak’s government but drew a storm of criticism from the media and public, who said it was sold too cheaply.

But he insisted: “I am not putting myself forward as a presidential candidate in search of a war outside my borders, neither with Israel or any other state.”

“The war I want to fight is the one against poverty.” (By Dina Zayed; Editing by Edmund Blair)

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