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Do you trust your insurance provider?
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Twofour54 vs Dubai Media City

Abu Dhabi’s new media zone goes head to head with Dubai Media City. See which brand scores the highest

It may seem early to assess Twofour54, Abu Dhabi’s content creation zone. After all, it only launched in October. But brand personalities and perceptions take shape quickly. Let’s see how the new venture shapes up against Dubai’s incumbent media zone, Dubai Media City. Judging takes place in the categories of design, perception, delivery, reach and relevance.

Defending champ: Dubai Media City

Design: 2. Awful – and ripe for a revamp. The look and feel of Dubai Media City’s brand (not just its logo, but its entire personality) is dull and corporate-y, and it hasn’t changed in years. It’s deliberately standardized to look the same as every other brand of Dubai Holding, the government-controlled behemoth that owns it. What value does that bring? Little, if any. Meanwhile, the visual motifs deployed to support the brand are wildly out of sync with Dubai. What’s with the kid selling lemonade? Are we in Kansas?

Perception: 5. Yes, it’s the symbol of the new Dubai. But guys –the new Dubai is no longer new. For tenants, Dubai Media City is seen as the bogeyman landlord that demands your first born in exchange for a hole-in-the-wall office. If Twofour54 starts moving with some on-the-ground initiatives, it will quickly overtake Dubai Media City in terms of perception.


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  1. MP on January 23, 2009 12:31 pm

    It would be interesting to follow this article up at a later date with an analysis of customer service levels of the respective organisations. In my experience, DMC was like a gin-trap – it took virtually no time to set up a company there but closing the same company down took almost a year due to their administrative incompetence and inadequate communications.


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