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February 11, 2013 11:44 by

Passionate for Lebanon, a group of expatriate entrepreneurs revisited our country to pioneer a novel concept focusing on promoting internal also external tourism and accelerating the local economy; Beirut Circle.

A VIP yearly Privilege card with more than 2,000  “Buy 2 for the price of 1” offers redeemed at the high end and medium service providers in Lebanon covering Hospitality, Entertainment and beauty care sectors like Restaurants, Skis Resorts, Beach Resorts, Hotels, Pubs, Spa, Beauty Centers, Sports, Ecotourism, Kids activities, Training Education, Car Rental and others services.

Through its business model, Beirut Circle contributes effectively to hasten Lebanon’s economy, making Lebanon affordable to all Lebanese and visitors through pulling in thousands of new footfalls and likely new clients to the service providers and retailers’ premises.

Recognition & Sponsorship

One year later, Beirut Circle managed to partner with over 1,000 retailers/ service providers and to adhere more than 9,000 card holders with 97% high satisfaction ratio.

More, in recognition to its important role boosting the economy & promoting tourism, and due to the swift achievements and records made, Beirut Circle was gratified by the Federation of the Chambers of Commerce, Agriculture & Industry in Lebanon, the Syndicate of Restaurants, the Association of Hotels owners and the Association of Travel & Tourist Agents with support and cooperation agreements that illuminates this card’s value and supports its journey to become the “Official loyalty card of Lebanon”.

Here and there, everywhere!

Beirut Circle Card holders can save more than 20,000$ a year through its unique privileges. Order 1 main course and enjoy the 2nd for free. Rent 1 hotel room night & get the 2nd for free. Have one paid massage & invite your friend for free. Go for a drink & enjoy the 2nd for free and so on. What’s extraordinary about Beirut Circle is that you get back the card price as of the very first usage.

Too Good and True..

It’s really too good and true! Beirut Circle card users will benefit also from new additional yearly offers everyday making their return on investment constantly growing.

Beirut Circle privileges cover all Lebanon with about 70% located in Greater Beirut. Therefore, the card holders save mostly in the same places they usually frequent and enjoy.

A loyalty plan with instant rewarding

Beirut Circle shattered the usual loyalty cards trends with points collection program compelling card holders to visit specific list of retailers and finally get rewarded after a long period of consumption. Through this innovative concept and massive savings all in a VIP classy spirit, the user is rewarded instantly with the 2 for 1 offer benefiting with approximate 50% discount depending on the service promoted.

Families are winning the most as their savings amount exceeds their expectations. Couples also enjoy tremendous benefits roaming around all venues and making the most of Lebanon services.

Beirut Circle is indeed a community of Happy Customers and satisfied Retailers.


BC is available in the major points of sales in Lebanon like Virgin, Maliks bookstores and Cash United.

Nevertheless, Beirut Circle is delivered to your door steps 24 hours after calling its headquarters to 01/492782/3/4. Internet users can buy Beirut Circle online through or through its advanced mobile application that’s launched with near me services.

What’s also distinctive, is that every Lebanese, expatriate and tourist visiting Lebanon can collect this card on board of Middle East Airlines (MEA) and will definitely enjoy its privileges as soon as landed in Lebanon; off course, get back its price at the very first usages.


Interested people can check Beirut Circle yearly privileges and updates over the website or through the application available for free on Apple & Android Stores. Not to forget the 24/7 Hotline to give out and support all card holders instantly.

“Beirut Circle was launched to serve the Lebanese community and to excel the internal and external tourism” said Maher Nassar, CEO of Beirut Circle. “This is not all. We are working heavily to partner with all the private and public sectors syndicates and to earn the cooperation and sponsorship of the government with all the concerned ministries to introduce Beirut Circle as The Official Loyalty Card of Lebanon. Our objective is to make Beirut Circle available in every household making it a must for every Lebanese to enjoy Lebanon’s entertainment and services”

With Beirut Circle, Lebanon is now more affordable, more enjoyable, people at present can spend and benefit from more services with an adequate ROI for all.

Join Beirut Circle…Enjoy Lebanon!

Reminder: (in a box on the margin)

  • Beirut Circle; Lebanon’s loyalty card
  • More than 2,000 “Buy 2 for the price of 1” offers
  • Get back the card price from the 1st usage
  • Partnered with the best Hospitality, Entertainment, Beauty care & other Touristic services
  • Restaurants, Hotels, Ski Resorts, Beach Resorts, Night life spots, Entertainment, Beauty Centers, Spas, Sports, Outdoor Activities, Kids Activities, Car Rental…
  • More than 1,000 partners
  • New additional Offers everyday
  • Hotline 24/7

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