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Qatar lab discovers clean energy possibility

A new process uses solar energy to extract hydrogen, a potential fuel source.

July 16, 2010 11:11 by

An engineering professor from Texas A&M University Qatar has published information in a leading industry journal that details a process of using solar power to crack natural gas and produce hydrogen and carbon black, a solid used in rubber, inks and other products, according to the National.

The findings, published by Professor Nesrin Ozalp and a team from the University’s Sustainable Energy Research Lab earned an environmental award and additional funding, according to the report.

Hydrogen has the potential to become a cleaner, safer form of fuel and electricity, but with current technology, the extraction of hydrogen is costly and emits an excess of carbon dioxide, which is damaging for the environment. Developing a more economically and environmentally sustainable method of extraction is vital in order to make hydrogen viable as a source of fuel and electricity.

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