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Smell good while doing good; A list of everything in 2011; gifts you may not want to give; FYEO: FB’s 2011 Memology strikes!

In case you missed these, here’s the world's most expensive perfume; some gift ideas and a list of everything in 2011

December 9, 2011 12:12 by

Smell good while doing some good: A million-dollar fragrance for a cause

Here’s your chance to smell good and do good. DKNY Fragrances has partnered with celebrity jeweler Martin Katz to create the world’s first million-dollar fragrance bottle. But don’t go in a huff. They say the net proceed will go to Action Against Hunger.

Check out the video below to see how the pricey perfume was made:

The DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle is carved from polished 14-karat yellow and white gold and features 2,700 Round Brilliant White Diamonds weighing 15.17 carats, 183 Golden Yellow Sapphires weighing 2.28 carats in a micro pave setting in 14kt. white gold making up the Manhattan skyline that is so iconic to the DKNY brand. The 2.43 carat Flawless Vivid Yellow Canary Diamond adorns the “cap” of the bottle alongside a DKNY Golden Delicious diamond oval logo. Whew.

OMG. FYI, LMS for a TBH.

Think the title above is total gibberish? Then you’re out of touch. Apparently LMS is the top meme on Facebook. LMS as the silver generation among Kipp found out means “Like My Status”.  Well that’s what Facebook is about isn’t it really? This constant campaign and marketing of one’s self to your peers? Oooh check me out with my cool hair, my duck face and love for funny internet quotes. As if. And if it wasn’t bad enough, LMS was sometimes partnered with TBH “To Be Honest”, as in LMS for a TBH. In this case, anyone who likes the status will be given an honest opinion from the person who posted the status. FML. Like so totally. Check out the title link above for other Facebook Memes.

Don’t send us anything from this list of gift ideas

It’ll take a special person to appreciate the items on this list. Have a look through the list. And if you find there’s something here that one of your friends or family members would like having, then we’d seriously reconsider keeping a connection with them. C’mon, you know you want to click that title link.

The Stories You Missed in 2011

We are inundated with news and stories this year. There were a lot of heart-wrenching and soul-searching stuff. But just in case you missed it, here’s a slideshow of things that you may have missed in between your tweeting and Facebook preening. Oh yeah, just click the title link above already.

The Top 10 Everything of 2011

In the spirit of every goshdarnit list that you will ever see in the countdown to 2012, here is A LIST OF EVERYTHING 2011 (say with booming James Earl Jones voice) brought to you by It’s got pretty much everything. That’s about a couple of hours of your time taken out. You’re welcome, Kippers.

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