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Consumer confidence high in Morocco says study


March 27, 2013 10:14 by

By Gulf Marketing Review

Consumers in Morocco are optimistic in their overall consumer confidence score, and are positive about all five indicators measured in the MasterCard Index.

Respondents h are most confident about Regular Income (89.7) for the coming months, followed by Employment (88.9), Economy (87.8), Quality of Life (87.3) and the Stock Market (70.3).

Women  (88.3) are more optimistic than men (82.0) about the coming months, and that consumers aged  30 years plus (86.2) are more optimistic than younger respondents (83.0).

“Consumer confidence in the market is supported by the fact that Morocco has remained stable among the unrest witnessed in other markets in recent years,” said Faissal Khdiri, market manager, North & French Speaking Sub-Sahara Africa, MasterCard.

Across Africa, the consumer confidence level is optimistic at an average of 69.6, and this sentiment is reflected across all five indicators.

Respondents in Africa are most optimistic about Regular Income (83.0), followed by Employment (69.0), Economy (65.9), Quality of Life (65.5) and Stock Market (64.6).

In Africa, consumer confidence is the highest in Nigeria, with a score of 88.5. Nigeria is followed by Morocco (84.8), Kenya (57.1) and South Africa (48.0).

The MasterCard Index of Consumer Confidence (“Index”) took place November – December 2012 with 11,339 respondents aged 18 – 64 years in 25 countries within Asia/Pacific, MEA.

Respondents are asked five questions about their 6-month outlook on the economy, employment prospects, the local stock market, their regular income prospects and their quality of life.


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