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Abu Dhabi targets abandoned cars for removal

More than 1,500 abandoned vehicles were towed from Abu Dhabi district last year.

June 28, 2010 11:06 by

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City is calling on car owners not to abandon their vehicles in public places or private parking lots, the Gulf News reported Monday. With the start of the summer vacation, the municipality cites concerns over the threats to health and safety posed by abandoned automobiles, noting that last year 1,595 such cars were removed from the Abu Dhabi district.

The municipality stresses the public responsibility for combating the problem, heightened during the summer travel season. Some motorists have abandoned cars or mechanical devices, “in a way that transforms them into rubbish deposits, sources of pollution and havens for rodents, besides disfiguring the environment, undermining public health and causing serious security hazards,” the Gulf News reported.

An ongoing campaign to tow abandoned vehicles from public streets and sidewalks permits inspectors to impound vehicles that are not removed within 24 hours of receiving notice. Owners must report to the designated impound location in a timely manner, or risk additional action.

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  1. takwong on June 28, 2010 11:17 am

    Can the muncipality provide a paid location where residents can leave their car during the vacation. Let muncipality undertake the responsibility of maintaining the cleaniness by charging a fee which is reasonable to afford

  2. Miss Anne Thropic on June 28, 2010 1:17 pm

    Or introduce a simple notification system whereby you can inform the authorities of your car’s number plate and location where you plan to park it while you’re on holiday and the time you will be away. That way, police could look up the numberplate of a car that may or may not be abandoned before they tow it needlessly.

    This could all be done with a very simple website. Although if the shambolic Abu Dhabi police website is any indication, I will not hold my breath…


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