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Air travel between UAE-UK remains uncertain

Volcanic eruption in Iceland closes scores of UK airports, leaving passengers on hold Friday as air traffic authorities monitor ash cloud.

April 16, 2010 9:16 by

Airline travel between the UAE-UK was cancelled Thursday after air traffic authorities closed airspace following the volcanic eruption in Iceland that reduced visibility due to airborne ash. Resumption of usual travel schedules remains tentative, according to The Khaleej Times on Friday.

“Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports continued to liaise with UK and European ATC authorities to monitor the movement of the volcanic ash cloud,” the newspaper reported Friday.

“It is our intention to carry passengers to their destination at the earliest opportunity when our flying program has fully resumed. However, space is limited and it could take some days before all passengers are accommodated,” Virgin Atlantic said on its website, according to the newspaper.

Scores of UK airports were closed Thursday as air traffic authorities warned against potential jet engine damage from particulate debris contained in airborne volcanic ash.

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