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Are you being trained?

Are you being trained?

37 percent of surveyed employees reveal they haven't received any professional training in the last year. Read on for more shocking statistics.

April 22, 2012 4:15 by

A few months ago, Kipp conducted some research concerning corporate culture in the UAE and Saudi Arabia with the help of our good friends at YouGov. We were surprised to find out that employees ranked receiving professional training almost as highly as receiving a bonus (83 percent versus 87 percent). On the back of that, and given what we’ve heard about the dismal training employees receive in this part of the world, we decided to look further into training in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
Our results were, unfortunately, pretty pathetic. Over 9 in 10 employees said they think receiving professional training is extremely important. But, 37 percent of those surveyed in the last 12 months said they received no training at all, while 30 percent say they have received training only once. Our respondents also linked training with career development – the more training they received, the more loyal they felt towards their company.
For more on our findings on the state of employee training in the UAE and KSA, click on our infographic below.

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