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Attack on kindergarten in China kills seven children, wounds at least 20

In the fifth such attack in less than two months, government and local communities are tightening security and teaching safety awareness.

May 12, 2010 8:53 by

An attack Wednesday on a preschool in northwest China killed seven children and wounded at least 20 in the Shaanxi province, according to CNN, based on reports in Chinese media.

It is the fifth such attack in recent weeks, leading some analysts to speculate that the assailants may be inspired to engage in copycat style attacks based on media coverage of previous killings.

The first attack, which occurred in March, was perpetrated by a community doctor who blamed “”failures in his romantic life and in society,” Chinese media reported.

The man, Zheng Minsheng, stabbed eight children to death and wounded five others at an elementary school. He was reportedly executed by firing squad last month.

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