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Cable thieves gang arrested in Riyadh

Riyadh police have arrested an Asian gang accused of stealing more than two tons of copper cables.

May 2, 2010 9:15 by

Riyadh police arrested last week an Asian gang for stealing more than two tons of copper cables in the city, police sources said Saturday.

The gang was led by an electrical engineer who had earlier left the Kingdom following a stint here.

The thieves had stored all the stolen copper in a warehouse in Riyadh’s Al-Faisaliah District, which has become a relative hotbed for criminal activity with stories of pedestrians being robbed in the middle of the day. Reports have circulated of robberies conducted by an organized gang of South Africans between 20 to 30 years of age in this area. The area has more than 500 warehouses.

The arrest was made last week when the police patrol observed suspicious movements in an electricity substation behind a private school. During the police raid, the main door of the substation was found to be opened and the police witnessed a man identified as “Asian” hidden behind the copper cables.

On apprehending the alleged thief, the suspect admitted to the police that he was getting ready to transport the 150-meter-long cable to the warehouse in Al-Faisaliah District.

On inspecting the warehouse, the police detected more than two tons of stolen cables stored in the facility.

The warehouse also had an Asian caretaker who was a member of the gang.

Among the stolen items found in the warehouse included 10 bags full of telephone cables and nearly half a ton of copper cables neatly cut and kept ready for sale. The two suspects are currently remanded in the Sweidi police station pending further arrests.

- Arab News

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