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David Cameron assumes office as UK’s Prime Minister, announces appointments

Following PM Gordon Brown’s resignation Tuesday, UK’s first coalition government in 70 years takes shape.

May 12, 2010 7:59 by

The UK’s David Cameron takes office as new Prime Minister, with Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg as his deputy, as the new coalition government takes shape, the BBC said Wednesday.

Labour Party’s former Prime Minister Gordon Brown resigned Tuesday.

Four other Liberal Democrats will reportedly assume cabinet posts as part of the coalition power sharing deal, with a total of 20 from the party expected to assume government jobs, the BBC said.

Additional appointments include the Tories’ George Osborne as Chancellor, William Hague as Foreign Secretary, Liam Fox as Defense Secretary and Andrew Lansley as Health Secretary, the report added.

Prime Minister Cameron’s chief of staff, Danny Alexander, will reportedly serve as the Scottish Secretary, the BBC reported.

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