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Construction workers go on strike in Mecca

About 500 laborers down tools over employer’s alleged failure to pay salaries.

May 10, 2010 1:56 by

About 500 construction workers of a major Haram-development project in Mecca were on strike on Sunday, protesting what they say is their employer’s failure to pay salaries for two months.

An official from the company said that the situation has been resolved and the company would “start paying the employees within a few days.” The official said this was the first stoppage of work at the site.

“There is no justification for strike when there are other legal methods to solve the problem,” said an official of a consulate that was involved in mediation, who spoke on condition that he and the country not be named.

The workers, mainly from Egypt, Syria and Turkey, also demanded the resignation of a company official.

The company has reportedly said it would discuss the matter with the official in order to avoid future problems.

The name of the developer cannot be publicized for legal reasons.

- Arab News

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