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Cyclone kills two and halts oil and gas

UAE gets off lightly, while Oman sees two fatalities and halts oil and gas production.

June 5, 2010 10:12 by

Cyclone Phet hit Oman’s coastline over the weekend, forcing the temporary suspension of gas and oil production and killing two, reports Reuters.

Phet did weaken to a Category 1 storm, but still managed to cause the two deaths, according to state media. The first was a man trying to cross floods in the al Dhahira area, and the second was a Bangladeshi woman who was electrocuted near to Muscat.

As a precaution Oman halted its oil and gas production, though Reuters quotes a Petroleum Development Oman official who says no facilities were damaged.

“We won’t load any oil because no ship is able to anchor at our facility due to rough seas,” said a spokesman for the state-controlled company.

Meanwhile the UAE’s Fujairah port on the east coast remained open, though central command reported rough seas and bad weather. An official said: “”The port is not officially closed, it is up to the master of a vessel whether or not to bunker now.”

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