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Du responds to UAE BlackBerry suspension announcement

Telecoms provider issues statement following TRA's announcement to suspend BlackBerry services in October.

August 1, 2010 9:39 by

Official Statement from du:

We have been notified on August 1st 2010 by an instruction from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the UAE that certain BlackBerry services will be suspended starting October 11th, 2010.

BlackBerry Email, BlackBerry web browsing, social networking, and instant messaging services on BlackBerry devices that are supported as part of the BlackBerry service, will be suspended.

Customers will be able to continue using their BlackBerry devices for Voice, SMS, MMS and web browsing not using blackberry service as these services will remain unaffected. Other applications which do not use the BlackBerry services will also not be affected.

This is an important decision taken by the Telecommunications Regulatory authority and as a licensed telecom service provider we shall fully comply by this instruction.

Since a number of du customers are BlackBerry subscribers, du will ensure that it provides all its affected customers with an alternative solution that meets their needs with minimal disruption to their services.

In the coming days du will be making an announcement on the full plan and shall inform all customers on the implementation of this alternative plan.

As a reasonable service provider, we have an obligation to always act within the law and the regulations of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the UAE, while at the same time, providing our customers with the best possible service.

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  1. raj on August 1, 2010 5:05 pm

    My main purpose of purchasing a Blackberry along with plan from du, was the Blackberry messenger, to keep in touch with my daughter overseas.
    If they are to suspend this service, they should also offer a full refund for the phone as well as the plan, since they are not providing the servide we signed up for.


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