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Dubai property buyers must register

Properties which are not registered will not be deemed legal.

June 27, 2010 2:18 by

Any property that is purchased in Dubai has to be registered with the Land Department for it to be deemed legal, reports Emirates Business.

The paper says that the Dubai Court of Cassation has set a new legal principle that any property that is purchased in the emirate has to be registered.

The new legal principle is the result of a case in which a plot of land was purchased but not registered.

“The dispute was between the heirs of an owner of a plot of land in the Khawaneej area and a man who purchased the land from their late father in 1989, but had failed to register the contract with the Land Department in Dubai,” said the paper.

The heirs claimed the land was registered in their father’s name, and also in their names at the Land Department. The buyer had seized part of the land, where a factory has been built.

Both the Dubai Court and the Court of Appeal sided with the buyer, but the Court of Cassation ruled that the buyer return the plot of land to the heirs empty.

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