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Du’s BlackBerry plan

'Plans tailor-made to manage current Blackberry situation with minimal disruption.'

August 4, 2010 3:01 by

The second telecoms operator in the UAE, Du, has unveiled its response to the planned BlackBerry ban in the country.

The operator has in a press release unveiled a range of “assurance plans” for individuals and businesses who have subscribed to its BlackBerry service offerings before August 1. “These plans have been tailor-made to manage the current Blackberry situation with minimal disruption, and no upfront cost,” says the release.

The telco offers a standard plan for BlackBerry customers who wish to maintain basic telecoms service in the UAE with a AED 130 monthly package for national subscribers and AED 260 month for international users. Packages include 1,000 free text messages.

Customers who enter a new 12-month contract with Du have a choice between an unlimited data bundle for UAE use at AED 55 per month, or AED 130 for international. For monthly fees of AED 180 for UAE and AED 310, they can be eligible for a free smartphone or a discount on a smartphone, depending on the contract they choose.

“We understand that during this time, many people are concerned and anxious about their blackberry services. Du has endeavored to cater to the needs of all our Blackberry customers and have developed customized assurance plans to address the concerns of our individual and business Blackberry customers .Our primary focus has been to provide assurances on the concern of both service disruption and device redundancy. Our guiding principal for designing the “Assurance Plan” was based on two factors. The first is minimal disruption to the service after suspension and the second to assure no additional financial impact on customers” commented Osman Sultan, CEO, Du.

More details at the Du website.

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