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Etihad Rail signs strategic agreement with Etisalat

Memorandum of Understanding to enable Etisalat to share railway infrastructure; Etisalat to offer latest information communication and technology (ICT) solutions for Etihad Rail and its customers

April 12, 2011 12:29 by

Etihad Rail, the master developer and operator of the UAE’s first railway network, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Etisalat to offer innovative solutions and collaborative services for its customers.

The deal was signed during the ongoing UITP conference and exhibition in Dubai.

The strategic agreement will allow Etihad Rail and Etisalat to share best practices in communications network engineering as well as jointly develop a unique business model that serves both companies and delivers key advantages to each. The partnership will offer cost effective communications network coverage for Etihad Rail and its customers, provide the opportunity for Etisalat to offer ICT solutions that support Etihad Rail’s goal of providing safe, modern and efficient rail services to its passengers and freight customers, and will also enable Etisalat to benefit from the nationwide railway network infrastructure.

“We understand the significant role that telecommunications play in delivering the highest quality transportation services, and are excited to work with Etisalat to explore new opportunities and solutions that will directly impact our end users in a positive way,” said Shadi Malak, Etihad Rail Executive Director – Commercial.

For Etisalat, the partnership will work to utilise the Etihad Rail national railway infrastructure to expand its fibre-optic technology to areas not yet covered by the network, according to the release announcing MoU.

The MOU with Etisalat comes at a pivotal time in the advancement of Etihad Rail and its AED40billion network, as the railway moves from the planning phases towards actual implementation.

By the summer of 2011, Etihad Rail will begin construction on the first phase of the network – a route that will connect Shah, Habshan and Ruwais for the purpose of transporting granulated sulphur for export, in partnership with Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADNOC).

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