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Iranian president visits Zimbabwe and Uganda

Ahmadinejad arrives in Africa on a tour to discuss nuclear and trade relations

April 23, 2010 8:55 by

Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe supports Iran’s nuclear program, noting his country’s “continuous support of Iran’s just cause on the nuclear issue,” according to Khaleej Times Friday.

Mugabe made his comments to Iranian President Ahmadinejad during a dinner in Harare.

“Because of the principled positions we have taken at both the domestic and international level, Zimbabwe and Iran have been unjustly vilified and punished by Western countries.”

“Today, both are victims of illegal and unjustified sanctions imposed by Western countries who seek to undermine our sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity,” the report added, quoting Mugabe.

The Iranian president arrived in the African nation yesterday, where he is scheduled to hold trade talks with Zimbabwe’s president during an Africa tour where he will also visit UN Security Council member Uganda to discuss the Islamic republic’s nuclear program, the report added, quoting Iranian state television.

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