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Kidnapped Saudi woman rescued from Sudan

Interpol officers rescued the 52 year old woman who had been kidnapped by a Sudanese shepherd in 2004.

July 16, 2010 10:46 by

Interpol officers have rescued a 52-year-old Saudi woman from a Sudanese shepherd who took her to his country in 2004 and kept her there, local Arabic daily Al-Watan reported on Thursday.

According to the newspaper, the kidnapper identified as Y. Ismail convinced the Saudi woman, who he was working for, that treatment was available in his country for her mentally ill daughter.

She fell for the trick and sold her gold ornaments for SR60,000 before leaving her home in Badr, 150km southwest of Madinah.
She then accompanied him to his hometown of Port Sudan, where he took all her money and locked her up in his home for two years. He then blackmailed her family for a ransom.

The newspaper said the 32 year old shepherd took the woman to Jeddah, where he told the Sudanese consulate that she was his wife who had lost her Sudanese passport.

The consulate issued him with an emergency exit visa and the two took the ship to Port Sudan, before he contacted her brother for ransom money.

The newspaper said her brother refused to pay and called the police instead.

The shepherd was arrested this year with Interpol’s help and deported to the Kingdom where he reportedly confessed to his crime. He is now in prison awaiting trial.


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