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Kuwait journalist jailed for slander

Writer Mohammed Abdel Qader Al-Jassem gets a six-month sentence for calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister.

April 7, 2010 5:23 by

A Kuwaiti journalist has been sentenced to six months in prison for slandering the Prime Minister, according to a report by Reporters Without Borders.

Writer Mohammed Abdel Qader Al-Jassem was issued with five lawsuits by the prime minister and information minister, accused of slandering Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, according to the press freedom campaign group.

Al-Jassem was accused of saying in public gatherings that the PM was incapable of running the country, and called for his resignation.

“All these lawsuits and convictions give the impression that that Al-Jassem has been singled out for harassment,” Reporters Without Borders said. “This is very disturbing.”

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