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Kuwait deports supporters of Mohamed ElBaradei

Government announces expulsion of more Egyptian nationals, as human rights observers note the lack of official charges against the deportees.

April 12, 2010 3:51 by

Kuwait deported at least 21 Egyptian nationals over the weekend, charged with gathering in support of the presidential candidacy of Mohammed ElBaradei, the former IAEA head , according to Egypt’s daily, Al Masry Al Youm.

Jamal Eid of the Arabic Network for Human Rights said in a statement that neither Egyptian nor Kuwaiti authorities had filed charges against the deportees.

Kuwait’s ambassador in Egypt, Rashid Al Hamad, told Al Masry Al Youm that the twelve deported Egyptians were arrested because they organized a gathering without obtaining an official permit from the Kuwaiti government. He added, however, that the Kuwaiti government had not released an official statement in the matter.

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