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Labor day protests in Egypt over the national minimum wage

Egypt’s national minimum wage of around $6.30 per month has not increased since 1984.

May 3, 2010 8:48 by

Egyptian activists and laborers took to the streets Sunday in Cairo, shouting anti-government slogans in demonstrations calling for a rise in the national minimum wage, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Following International Labor Day on Saturday, Egyptians staged protests to demand the implementation of a recent court ruling that orders an increase in the minimum wage. The court ruling however reportedly failed to specify an amount for the new minimum. Organizers of Sunday’s demonstrations want the government to ensure a minimum wage of $216 per month.

Protesters were seen holding up loaves of bread, signifying the fact that the basic wage does not cover basic needs. Earlier last week, protesters organized a meat boycott in Cairo restaurants and butcher shops to call attention to rising meat prices, which have reportedly shot up 25 percent in the last month.


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