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Nityananda arrested after release of sexually explicit video

Hindu holy man with worldwide following facing charges to include obscenity

April 22, 2010 9:02 by

Police in India have arrested the controversial holy Hindu man who last month stepped down after the emergence of sexually explicit video showing the guru engaging in sexual acts with two women, the AFP reported Thursday.

Paramhamsa Nityananda was Wednesday arrested on charges of obscenity and “hurting religious sentiments,” AFP reported.

The 32 year old Nityananda maintains his innocence, saying the video is a fake.

The sexually explicit footage outraged the public, and irate followers attacked the guru’s ashram, not far from Bangalore.

The ashram is described as “an upscale retreat dotted with an ornate temple and a residential complex,” according to the AFP’s report, which noted its popularity with both Indian and Western followers.

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