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Nuclear Security Summit: China agrees need for pressure on Iran

The US hopes to secure China’s cooperation for sanctions against Iran over its nuclear development program.

April 13, 2010 5:41 by

US President Obama Monday opened the multi-nation nuclear summit, a two-day gathering that convenes world leaders to discuss nuclear arms control. Chinese President Jintao, reportedly agreed to pressure Iran regarding its nuclear development program, but it remains unclear whether the Chinese government will support sanctions against the Islamic republic, reports Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal.

Quoting Jeffrey Bader, the National Security Council’s chief China expert, the Wall Street Journal reported that China is “prepared to work with us [the US].”

“The two presidents agreed that the two delegations should work on a sanctions resolution in New York, and that’s what we’re doing,” Bader added.

Attendance at the event by China’s leader was widely seen as a signal that Jintao would endorse sanctions sought by the US against Iran. However, public statements by China’s spokesman to the security summit emphasized “diplomatic efforts,” “dialogue and negotiations.”

The nuclear security summit is the first international gathering of its kind to convene world leaders in discussions aimed at safeguarding nuclear weapons from terrorists.

The summit meets just weeks before the US administration will seek UN member nation support for a set of sanctions against Iran.

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