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Orascom Development opens first hotel in Oman

Real estate and hotels firm Orascom Development opened its first hotel in Oman last weekend, the Swiss-listed firm said on Monday.

September 20, 2011 2:51 by

Orascom , which has its main presence in Egypt, has projects in the Middle East and Europe and has been expanding its hotel portfolio in the region.

Its four-star Sifawy Boutique Hotel in Jebel Sifah in Oman has 55 rooms and suites, the firm said in a statement.

Jebel Sifah is one of three destinations the firm is developing with local partners.

Its development in Jebel Sifah, 45 km outside of Oman’s capital Muscat, will cover an area of more than 6.2 million square meters and will include four-star and five-star hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, a marina and a golf course. (Reporting by Dina Zayed; Editing by David Cowell)

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