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Qatar-Bahrain Causeway project hit with delays

The $4 billion project aims to facilitate transport between the two states.

June 10, 2010 9:43 by

A proposed causeway to link Qatar and Bahrain is facing delays in construction, reported Thursday. The Qatar Bahrain Friendship Bridge, as it is being called, is facing scheduling delays, the report said, based on various cost and design problems that have plagued the project which is jointly funded by the two governments.

In essence, the structure is a giant bridge that will connect the West coast of Qatar with the East coast of Bahrain in order to improve transport and trade between the two states of the GCC. Two years ago, railway lines for freight and passengers were added to the design proposal.

Plans for the causeway’s construction were first announced in 2001, but a series of delays have called into question the 2015 completion date. The project is estimated to cost around $4 billion, to be build by a consortium of German, British, Qatari, and other firms.

Tensions are high between the two GCC states, calling into questions the likelihood that the causeway project will continue as planned. Last month a Bahraini fisherman was shot by Qatar’s coast guard, and Bahrain last month suspended operations of Al Jazeera television channel, after the Qatar owned station aired a program about poverty in Bahrain

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  1. AP on June 10, 2010 10:17 am

    If completed, this will be a massive achievement. But looking at how economic and political issues govern this project, I dont think this will be a reality even in 2020. Escalation in costs will make it worser to postpone.
    It is also essential that Qatar and Abu Dhabi join hands and make a bridge on the other side to relieve people (in Oman, UAE, Bahrain & Qatar) from touching Saudi land for tourism trips and cargo movement.
    Finally, it is sad that each country has resorted to things (like attacking fishermen or firing the TV channel on flimsy ground) they would be better off, without. The Friendship Bridge lacks the most important element for sure. They have to forget these petty issues and focus on the big picture for the future.

  2. Ben on June 10, 2010 9:24 pm

    AP, you are right. If UAE builds the other side of the bridge and everybody looks at the big picture, this would enhance investments in all these countries.
    Imagine that they also create an unified market? from Yemen to Bahrain? they would become as influancial as the Saudi market.


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