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The economy in haiku; Facebook failures; How the World Commutes;

The economy in haiku; Facebook failures; How the World Commutes;

Can China's economy thrive with a censored Internet?

October 28, 2011 8:30 by

jobs and Jobs are gone
need more Jobs to get more jobs
innovate to grow
-Arthur Diamond

The economy in haiku

The Kauffman Foundation fourth quarterly survey asked its economics bloggers to capture the state of the economy in haiku. The Econmist called the results “sublime.” Here are some of the best haikus we found.

Going back to the Gold Standard?

Lewis E. Lehrman writer of The True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan Without Official Reserve Currencies has made headlines with his plan of replacing national currencies with the non-national, neutral asset of gold as the world’s reserve money supply. So what exactly would this mean for the world? Check out this article by Forbes for more.

Can China’s economy thrive with a censored Internet?

This opinion piece by Forbes claims that “by forcing its citizens to use the China Wide Web instead of the World Wide Web, Beijing is damaging its competitiveness versus its more open and democratic neighbors.” Kipp’s inclined to disagree with this one…after all UAE with all its internet censorship, still enjoys one of the major economies here in the Middle East.

Facebook failures

There are far too many infographcis and articles praising the wonders of Facebook—which is why Kipp likes this infographic of the exact opposite!

How the World Commutes

If you the Dubai metro was bad…then have a look at this interesting slideshow from TIME which captures how people around the globe commute.

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