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Insurance companies in the region are as professional as in other more developed markets
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Do you trust your insurance provider?
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The euro crisis: the screw tightens; Police and Protestors Clash in Cairo; Epic Salesman

The euro crisis: the screw tightens; Police and Protestors Clash in Cairo; Epic Salesman

Bull beware: Truth goggles sniff out suspicious sentences in news; Separating You and Me? 4.74 Degrees; When Allysa was reunited with her dog.


November 24, 2011 3:32 by

The euro crisis: the screw tightens

Kipp used to watch an ‘80’s old British television show ‘Allo ‘Allo-there was one character who couldn’t speak French, but pretended to: “It is a mighty cick-up.” When we think of the Eurozone crisis, we can’t help but recall the words of Officer CrabTree: it is all a mighty cick-up. Here is what the Economist has to say about it: “At best, the result may be a credit crunch that leaves businesses unable to get loans and invest. At worst, some banks may fail—and trigger real bank runs in countries whose shaky public finances have left them ill equipped to prop up their financial institutions.”

Epic Salesman

Epic Salesman is called Epic Salesman because he brings everything but the kitchen sink to his pitch. If you need to find some inspiration for your sales staff, or for yourself, then you have to watch this video.

Bull beware: Truth goggles sniff out suspicious sentences in news

Dan Schultz, a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab is developing a rather interesting project an automatic bullshit detection. This will be a software that “flags suspicious claims in news articles and helps readers determine their truthiness”. How cool is that?

Separating You and Me? 4.74 Degrees

Move away 6 Degrees, you’ve been replaced. Apparently scientists at Facebook and the University of Milan have found that the average number of acquaintances separating any two people in the world was not six but 4.74. The new research used 721 million Facebook users that is more than one-tenth of the world’s population.

Police and Protestors Clash in Cairo

A powerful collection of photographs captured during the ongoing protests in Cairo.

When Allysa was reunited with her dog

When a British expat family had to leave their dog behind as they left Dubai for the UK, there was one very upset 11 year old in the Smith family. So it was an excellent idea to keep a camera in hand when the family paid out more than £1,300 to reunite the two. Some have called this video a tear jerker, but even though we merely grinned why not take a look at this?


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