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Tories and Lib Dems in power sharing talks

Talks aim to alleviate financial worries, as EU ministers approve 500 billion euros in emergency measure.

May 10, 2010 8:30 by

David Cameron and Nick Clegg engaged in power-sharing-deal negotiations Sunday, focused on ensuring economic stability amid anxious financial sentiment in the country and throughout Europe, the Times Online reported Monday.

The Tories and Liberal democrats negotiated for more than six hours Sunday, with Nick Clegg meeting Gordon Brown upon the prime minister’s return from Scotland, the report added.

Political reform issues, were reportedly high on the agenda for the Cameron-Clegg talks, along with banking reform, deficit reduction, and civil liberties issues, the Times added.

The talks followed Britain’s election last week of the first hung parliament in decades, with the British pound declining on the news that no party had secured a clear majority.

Media reported voter allegations that some were turned away from closing polls, and that overseas voters had been ‘denied ballots.”

Nick Clegg called the election “a disappointment” for the Liberal Democrats, while David Cameron charged that Gordon Brown’s Labour party had lost its mandate to govern the country, the BBC said.

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