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UAE to create registry of sex offenders

Efforts ongoing to establish comprehensive child protection laws.

July 19, 2010 8:50 by

UAE authorities say they are closer to establishing an official registry of sex offenders, as the country continues the process of legislating child protection laws, the National reported.

The registry will maintain a detailed profile of convicted offenders, including their name, age, and place of residence, along with biometric data such as fingerprints and a facial profile.

Major Faisal al-Shammari of the Permanent Higher Committee for Child Protection, commented last week that privacy laws must be limited in the case of sex criminals who have targeted children.

Official UAE committees charged with establishing the comprehensive child protection laws are working to review current legislation on child abuse, establish a center for child protection, create educational awareness programs, and oversee the UAE’s participation in a global task force to prevent the online exploitation of children.

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