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UAE women in focus in an upcoming photography book

UAE women in focus in an upcoming photography book

Women from all walks of life and from all nationalities will be the focus of a new photography book portraying the various facets of life in the UAE by award-winning Australian photographer Charney Magri.

January 22, 2012 11:58 by

Titled “Women of the UAE”, the book is the first publication by the Dubai-based photographer who first came to the country in 2008 and fell in love with its sunny beaches, authentic cuisines and multicultural life style.

“I decided to publish a book about the various women living in the UAE. The book will contain photographs of women from various nationalities and ages, all telling different and interesting stories about the women in the UAE and offering a snapshot about this period of development in the history of the country,” Magri said.

She explained that the rich cultural mix of the people living in the country, from UAE nationals to expatriates, has encouraged her to embark on her first book assignment as it offers her an exclusive perspective and untapped new grounds.

“The UAE is an interesting meeting point for over 200 nationalities that live and share a harmonious common life in here where women play a very important role in its daily development. The book will offer a glimpse of this development and record the various roles, efforts and the impact they play in our daily lives,” she added.

The book planned to be releases on 8th of March 2012 will feature images focusing on the inner beauty of the subjects by capturing them in a portrait accompanied by a small written description of their contribution. Each subject will be shot in front of a plain (white/black/grey) background so that the images reflect the person and not their status, location or materialistic belongings.

“The book will be a time capsule that best and truly reflects the women in the UAE and across this region It will provide valuable information to future generations about the life, work and efforts of women in this part of the world and portray their contribution to the society,” Magri stressed.

Fascinated by the amazing richness of cultures and opportunity in the UAE, Charney moved to Dubai in 2008 and established a regional reputation as a Fashion and Beauty Photographer whilst working on her own projects. ‘Women of the UAE’ marks the second phase of her project on inner beauty.

Magri relocated to the UK in 2001 where she worked alongside many of the biggest and most influential names in fashion including British Vogue and Nick Knight.

Turning freelance in 2005, Magri continued her career as a fashion and beauty Photographer whilst working on her own projects. These projects have seen her travel through Kenya and Tanzania, where she first embarked on her project to explore and visually capture the inner beauty of a woman.

Some of her clients include Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal Professional, British Vogue, Memac Ogilvy & Mather, Jumeirah, Zabeel Saray, Volvo, Leo Burnett, Emirates Airlines, ADCB, First Gulf Bank, S*uce Boutique, Boutique 1 and Mattel.

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