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US expresses concerns about “non-state” actors in possession of weapons

US concerned about “non-state” actors in possession of weapons

April 15, 2010 9:07 by

Lebanon’s National Dialogue session will proceed today as planned, despite reservations expressed by the Obama administration concerning “non-state actors” in the country who possess military arsenals.

The US has reportedly expressed “concern” regarding “alleged transfer of Scud missiles from Syria to Hizbullah,” Lebanon’s Daily Star reports Thursday.

The US press secretary yesterday noted that the administration has expressed its reservations in the matter to the governments involved, referring to Syria and Lebanon. Secretary Gibbs referred to “sophisticated weaponry that … is allegedly being transferred.”

Israeli President Shimon Peres Tuesday accused Lebanon and Syria of aiding Hizbullah in the acquisition of arms in violation of international law.

“Syria claims it wants peace while at the same time it delivers Scuds to Hizbullah, whose only goal is to threaten the state of Israel,” Peres told Israeli public radio on Tuesday, according to Thursday’s Daily Star.

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