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Warning over grey market iPhone 4s

Beware ‘tricky warranty issues’ and danger of re-locking, says online supplier.

July 6, 2010 2:32 by

People who buy iPhone 4s from dealers not authorized by Apple run the risk of buying products not “factory unlocked,” reports Gulf News.

“For some buyers this could turn into a problem,” Sanjay Amarnani, CEO of the Dubai-based online shopping portal, told Gulf News. “It is not only that claiming the warranty is difficult, the main issue is how the phone was unlocked,” he said.

If an iPhone 4 has been unlocked through the “jailbreaking” process, whereby the device is opened, connected to a computer and unlocked by special software, there can be later problems for the owner, says Amarnani. “When the owner receives an update from Apple on his phone, it is very likely that the phone will be locked again after restarting it.”

The advice is to make sure your phone is factory unlocked. “It needs to be checked if the phone has already been opened before it is sold. If so, I advise not to buy it,” says Amarnani.

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