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Adrian Smith

Adrian Smith

The man who designed the world’s tallest building has an equally long list of contacts around the world.

January 9, 2010 7:03 by

In October last year, Smith’s firm announced that it is working on an approach to reduce carbon emissions in urban areas. Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture is developing the process for a 550-building area in Chicago, but Smith said that the framework can be used as a model in other cities. The plan, sponsored completely by his firm, was the start of a “monumental effort,” he said.

The plan was given support by Antony Wood, executive director of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), an international organization aimed at disseminating information on tall buildings and sustainable urban environments.

Wood, who deals with the day to day running of the organization, also teaches at the School of the Built Environment, University of Nottingham. He has worked in architectural firms in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, and specializes in the sustainable design of tall buildings.

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