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Armed men storm Sharjah bank

Two men broke into a Mashreq Bank branch in Sharjah on Tuesday and stole AED500,000…

June 18, 2009 12:00 by

Two men broke into Mashreq Bank in Sharjah on Tuesday and stole AED500,000, reports Gulf News. The suspects were armed with knives and hammers when they stormed the Al Khan branch, holding a number of employees and customers hostage.

The robbers eventually fled in a getaway vehicle parked outside the bank.

Officials told the Dubai-based daily that bank employees were unable to activate the alarm, which would have alerted Sharjah’s police.

, said: “Mashreq confirms there was an incident at the Al Khan branch on Tuesday, June 16, 2pm,” said Gavin Sanderson, Head of Distribution at Mashreq Bank in a statement. “During the incident, in which nobody was injured or harmed, two armed men entered the branch, and the incident was over within two minutes. The police were at the scene immediately.”

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