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Bahrain announces new visa rules

Bahrain has stopped issuing visas on arrival to certain categories of GCC workers.

February 10, 2010 9:50 by

Bahrain has stopped issuing visas at entry points to certain categories of GCC workers, according to new regulations that it has adopted, reports Gulf News. Expatriates holding “senior positions” in the GCC such as bankers, managers, doctors, engineers, and their families; trade company representatives and their families; and workers employed by Gulf families and their dependents-all of them will still be given visas on arrival.

However, workers from other categories will have to get their visas from Bahraini embassies prior to their trip, says the report.

According to the new rules, applicable since February 1, visitors from 36 countries will be given visas on arrival provided they present a return ticket, “enough cash” for their trip, and an address in the country, the report says.

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