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Building collapses in Dubai

A building under construction in Dubai collapsed on Sunday afternoon at approximately 3.30pm...

August 16, 2009 4:12 by

A building under construction in Dubai collapsed on Sunday afternoon at approximately 3.30pm, according to the Dubai Police. Debris from the building fell onto Abu Hail Road, close to the Ramada Continental Hotel, forcing the police to cordon off the street.

The authorities would not confirm any causalities, but witnesses informed Kipp that ambulance crews were in the area. According to the police, construction workers at the site were able to escape from the building before it collapsed.

However, Abu Dhabi-based daily The National reported that the authorities began a search for those trapped in the wreckage.

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  1. The B on August 17, 2009 11:19 am

    Im not sure if you have collected your information independently or from “a reliable media” source but the fact of the matter is that this building was NOT “under construction” and was a building that was ready to rent – both residence & shops (on the ground floor). My office is close to this building and so I have my information spot on. This incident goes to show the quality of the building materials that are being used and the “competence” of the authorities who inspect quality of materials and the actual construction. Im sure we will hear from the media watchdog soon enough about how a passing UFO caused the building to collapse…LOL!!

  2. Xpatriate on August 17, 2009 1:57 pm

    It’s disturbing to know a lot of people may have bought their dream homes in similar buildings that mushroomed across the city in the last few years. Let’s hope no one get crushed under the weight of their dreams in Dubai, and that the authorities spend their time on fixing such huge gaps in the system than monitoring Blackberry users’ personal e-mails and texts.

  3. Gulf Hater on August 18, 2009 10:17 am

    Let me just say ONE thing and one thing only :Leaders of this god forsaken arab sh*thole (Im arab myself) do not care about who lives and dies coz of their stupid hypocritical way of life and sh*t building developments etc…Theyre just here to make money off peoples lives and hard work and a building falling isnt exactly on their priority list…Expats..Go home..where your dignity and honor still exist in some way..Leave this desert to its people who cant even fix a light bulb let alone spell their name correctly..
    a Fellow expat who dreams of trees and a breeze..

  4. Amin on August 22, 2009 10:51 am

    GulfHater – Ok keep ur calm, guess all of us have God’s hand everywhere to make us come here…and then lets not be too judgemental abt it…. And ur correct, the long-term idea is for expats’ native region/country to be able to offer opportunities so not many (at least not the best and brightest…) will come to Gulf….

    Hope that DOES happen…for all expats….I can see India moving in that direction, and Pakistan unfortunately in opposite direction….and Egypt is also now growing…but all others esp. the Eastern-EU and UK are still ” exporting” mediocre talent-pools to Gulf….(while as the locals low self-confidence gets a boost on seeing/talking to white-skinned !!!)

    Keep tyhe faith & yes keep SMILING !!!

  5. holbyjunior on August 26, 2009 8:44 pm

    There will be no doubt a through investigation of this incident by the relevant authorities in Dubai.

    I would predict that the building collapsed due to one of three potential reasons:
    1- miss-calculation of the loads to which the building should have been designed for. Resulting in member sizes being specified smaller than they should have been
    2- a change of the loading path potentially causing one member “say column or beam ” to be over-loaded which then gave causing progressive collapse
    3- Grade of steel for the frame lower than that anticipated during the design.

    hopefully the findings will be published soon


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