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Consumer demand still weak in the UAE

A study by Datamonitor says that 70 percent of the UAE consumers are actively curbing expenditure.

January 24, 2010 4:20 by

More than 55 percent of the consumers in the UAE feel that they are financially worse off now than they were six months ago, according to a survey conducted by research firm Datamonitor. The study says that 70 percent of the UAE consumers are taking active measures to control discretionary expenditure, while 40 percent say that they are making lifestyle changes to save money. The weak consumer demand could adversely affect the Dubai Shopping Festival beginning on January 28, the report says.

“Retailers will need to focus on value-centric marketing, shop layout and atmosphere and in-store merchandising to maximize sales during the shopping event,” a release from the company says.

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  1. Robert on January 26, 2010 10:13 am

    Considering that Dubai has an oversupply of shops, with more shops coming online soon, and has a rapidly decreasing population, I highly doubt that they’ll ever get reasonable levels of consumer demand.

    If they studied economics in high school (which they didn’t as most don’t understand the concept of demand and supply) they wouldn’t be in this situation.


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