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Divorce rates increasing in the Arab region

Divorce rates in the Arab region are on the rise…

January 11, 2010 4:24 by

Divorce rates in the Arab region are on the rise, with the GCC witnessing 33 divorces out of every thousand marriages, reports Khaleej Times, quoting the official ‘999’ magazine. Egypt has the highest divorce rate, with one taking place every six minutes. It is followed by Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Morocco, according to Khalifa Mohammed al-Mehrazi, Family Relations advisor at Dubai Courts.

“The main cause of divorce is debt,” the paper quotes Mohammed Suleiman al-Faraj, Fatwa advisor at the Abu Dhabi Courts Department, Family Guidance as saying. “Other causes are bad treatment, family interference from outside, violence and drunkenness and living with the family of one of the partners.”

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  1. Miss Anne Thropic on January 12, 2010 10:44 am

    Increased education and employment opportunities for women also contribute to increased divorce. If women no longer need to rely on their husbands for economic support and, especially if the marriage is not a love match, it’s understandable that plenty of women would decide they’re better off single. Of course, this has been used (usually by conservative men) as an argument for restricting the access to education and employment for women, which is completely ridiculous.

    Over time, more women in the Arab world will marry men of their choosing and the divorce rate will probably level off. It is similar to the spike in divorces in Australia when no-fault divorce was introduced in 1975.

    My female Emirati friends are determined to marry men of their choosing and I hope they all find happiness.


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