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French panel recommends burqa ban

Lawmakers call for a ban on the Islamic veil in hospitals, schools and on public transport.

January 26, 2010 4:44 by

French lawmakers have called for a ban on the burqa in hospitals, schools and on public transport.

The ban on the veil would apply to anyone seeking public services, but it would not apply to people wearing the burqa on the street, according to a French parliamentary commission.

The commission was convened after French President Nicolas Sarkozy controversially told lawmakers last June that the traditional Muslim garment was “not welcome” in France.

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  1. Peter M on January 27, 2010 8:29 pm

    Technically it is not a Muslim garment as such. It is not mentioned anyhere in the Holy Qran. the niqab pre-dates islam and is just engrained in the culture from older traditions. It comes from a pagan belief related to a sexual ritual of fertility. So technically again, since it is a pagan ritual, it should not be allowed in Islam.

    from another perspective, it is dangerous in this day in age to allow anyone to cover their face in public. From bank robers to KuKlux Clan, people with covered faces can easily be up to no good as they are hiding their identity. it is a public safety issue…


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