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Laila Suhail

The fourth CEO of the DSF Office, she has just announced plans of a possible female partner for Modhesh, and is connected to many of the region’s movers and shakers.

August 24, 2008 4:45 by

As chief operating officer of DSF, Mubarak works alongside Suhail in ensuring the DSF and DSS events run successfully. Last month, Mubarak announced that Modhesh Fun City, one of the main entertainment locations of the DSS, had around 70,000 visitors in two weeks.
The ex- events, operations and services director of DSF, he took on the position of COO earlier this year.
Mubarak has also accompanied Suhail during the launch of all the signature events during the DSS, including the Art Oasis, Min Bladi Al Emarat heritage event, and the Kids Olympic Games 2008.

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