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Nabeel Bin Salamah

Nabeel Bin Salamah

Zain’s new CEO certainly has a full in-tray, given Bharti Airtel’s $9bn offer for the telco’s African assets. At times like this, it pays to be well-connected.

February 20, 2010 11:06 by

Prominent Kuwaiti business figure Asaad al-Banwan has been Zain’s chairman since 2005, prior to which he was the vice-chairman and a member of the telco’s investment committee.

As chairman, Asaad al-Banwan personally received the resignation of its former CEO, Saad al Barrak – and so presumably had a hand in the appointment of Nabeel Bin Salamah as Barrak’s successor as chief executive.

Al-Banwan completed his BSc (finance and administration) from the University of Kuwait in 1982. He began his career at what is now known as Kuwait Investment Company, where he became senior VP in 1996. Aside from his role at Zain, al-Banwan is also vice-chairman and CEO of the National Investment Company, Kuwait, and vice-chairman of the Kazma Sports Club.

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