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Nakheel insists Palm Jumeirah is not sinking

Dubai-based developer Nakheel said on Wednesday that reports that the Palm Jumeirah is sinking were "wholly inaccurate"...


December 9, 2009 6:00 by

Dubai-based developer Nakheel said on Wednesday that reports the Palm Jumeirah is sinking were “wholly inaccurate,” reports Arabian Business, citing a senior executive at the company.

Shaun Lenehan, Head of Environment at Nakheel said, “The integrity of all buildings, utilities and infrastructure on Palm Jumeirah are testament to the fact that there has been no subsidence,” said Lenehan. “Any settlement of the ground, even as little as 5mm, would generate obvious physical manifestations including masonry cracking, leaking pipes, broken windows and so forth.

“Claims suggesting Palm Jumeirah has sunk by 5mm, as detected by remote sensing (satellite) techniques, are not possible given that NASA’s laser altimeter satellites have an accuracy of only + or – 50 mm,” he added.

A report by Fugro NPA Ltd claimed the iconic island is sinking 5mm annually, and may flood if sea levels rise.


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  1. Basel A-Shaban on December 10, 2009 7:12 am

    So, has it sunk less than 5mm? If NASA’s laser altimeter satellites can detect the rise of sea levels due to global warming, is it safe to say that the island is not sinking but the water level around it is going up? Wouldn’t the outcome be the same, either way, you’re sinking? Just a thought.

  2. @Hippo_Crit on December 10, 2009 8:23 am

    A report by Fugro NPA Ltd claimed the iconic island is sinking 5mm annually, and “”"”may flood if sea levels rise”"”"” you think it is possible that it will flood if sea levels rise? wow thats something enlightening! wouldnt all bodies on sea level sink if the sea levels rise.
    press always trying to spice things up


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