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Only five bribery cases in ’09, claims Abu Dhabi police chief

“Bribery is a new, imported crime” says counterpart at Dubai police.

March 3, 2010 2:44 by

There were only five bribery cases in the UAE capital last year, according to a senior Abu Dhabi Police chief.

Colonel Ali Saeed Al Nuaimi, deputy chief of CID, told ‘999’ magazine that the cases “mostly took place in government offices”, according to a report by state news agency WAM.

Nuaimi said bribery cases “should not be covered up at government and semi-government institutions, and internal regulations should be in place to penalize wrongdoers.”

His counterpart Lieutenant Colonel Jamal Al Jallaf, director of criminal supervision at Dubai Police CID, told the magazine that “bribery is a new, imported crime. The cases of bribery in UAE society are small in number compared to other countries. This is because UAE society still dignifies traditions and people care about their reputation. Besides, the income of government employees is quite high and employees also receive bonuses, and that helps prevent bribery”.

As Kipp reported last September, all but one of the 37 reported bribe cases in the UAE last year centered on Dubai.

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